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  • Beaufort St Songwriters Club at Beauvine


    Mt Lawley musical institution The Beaufort St Songwriters’ Club will be joining in the festivities at the second Beauvine Festival on October 21-23 weekend.

    Founded January 2015, The Beaufort St Songwriters’ Club is a regular showcase of Perth musical talent, providing an avenue for local songmiths every Thursday night at Defector’s Bar, upstairs from the iconic Flying Scotsman Hotel. The Club has steadily grown in popularity, becoming one of Perth’s premiere original music nights.

    Now, the Club is proud to once again be joining forces with Beauvine Festival to bring an impressive roster of musicians to serenade them as they indulge in all the food and wine the event has to offer.

    Beauvine Festival takes place at Birdwood Square on Beaufort St, Mt Lawley, this October 21,22, and 23, and will see different Songwriters’ Club alumni on hand to entertain at the Beaufort St Songwriters Club Stage

    Tickets available via -

    Beaufort St Songwriters Club Stage:
    Timothy Nelson
    Stella Donnelly
    Steve Hensby
    The Wildlings
    The Little Lord St Band Duo
    Mossy Fogg
    Choking Stanley
    Petulant Clark
    Belle Harvey
    Luke Dux

  • ODLAW release new single CHUMPS


    CHUMPS is the second single from Odlaw’s upcoming debut album Regret-City. due out in early 2017.

    CHUMPS was written after the 2015 WAM Festival and conference, so it only seems fitting that they would launch it during the 2016 WAM Festival. Songwriter Mark Neal keeps himself busy, between acting as manager for other bands, booking gigs, working on various events, and doing radio on RTRFM. These opportunities have earnt him an interesting perspective into the background discussions surrounding an event like WAM Festival.

    CHUMPS was written about a discussion respected members of the music community were having about a particular individual who falls into a category referred to as ‘punishers’. A ‘punisher’ is someone who is annoying as all fuck, and often the artist he represents is terrible or irrelevant. In particular this ‘punisher’ was so annoying he causes major labels and industry leaders to vacate a venue, which in turn could mean a hard working band/artist misses out on a well-deserved opportunity because there's no important industry people watching them play.

    If you don’t know a ‘punisher’ then you could be a ‘punisher’.

    CHUMPS is about a certain ‘punisher’ that was discussed in great detail at WAM Festival last year. “I can’t remember his name, I’ve never met him, but I hear he kinda sucks.” Mark recants “oblivious is selfish is a direct quote from a festival director about this person”  Mark asked if he hated him, he replied with “I don’t hate him, he’s just oblivious, and that’s selfish” Mark also thinks this person was referred to as “A Piece of shit” later in the evening.

    ODLAW celebrate the launch of CHUMPS on Friday November 4 at Jimmy’s Den, Northbridge. Teaming up with Sail On! Sail On! And Spilt Cities for a three way launch party.

    SINGLE LAUNCH - WAMFest Friday Showcase
    Friday November 4 - Jimmy’s Den, Northbridge
    With: Sail On! Sail On!, Spilt Cities, and Wooly Mammoth
    BUY TICKETS HERE - Free entry for WAMCon delegates

    Wednesday November 9 - Clancy's Fish Pub, Canning Bridge
    Wednesday Songwriter night. With: Jon Stapleton

    Thursday November 10 - Beaufort St Songwriters Club
    at Defectors Bar, Mt Lawley. With: Shaun (Spilt Cities), Dawn Barrington, and more

    Friday November 11 - Prince of Wales Hotel, Bunbury
    With: Spilt Cities, and Sail On! Sail On!



    ODLAW head out on run of WA dates throughout July and August

     “Full of frenetic energy. Nice work” Dom Alessio, Triple J

    “It's a straight-up balltearer” Sonic Masala

    “very nice indeed” Caitlin Nienaber, RTRfm

    Fresh off playing a run of shows supporting their 2015 debut EP ‘Soup Herb’, featuring on the 2015 Kiss my WAMi compilation, and playing at events like HyperFest, Kickstart Festival, and Hair of the Dog fest, Perth indie-rock four piece ODLAW hit the studio with legendary producer Dave Parkin (Tired Lion, Emperors, The Love Junkies)

    In March Odlaw launched the first single off their upcoming album ‘Regret City’. Shortly after, they returned to the studio to record a few more tracks, and start piecing the album together. Amidst debates over track order, guitarist and vocalist Mark Neal was admitted to hospital with a heart attack.

    “it didn’t really hurt, it just felt weird. It felt like, what a heart attack looks like in the movies, there was a weight on my chest and my left arm went numb”

    “the nurses were getting ready to let me go after a couple of hours in the ER, when a test result came back positive. A few hours later I’m being woken up at 4am and someone’s telling me I had a heart attack. They let me go three days later, the doctors said a virus had attacked my heart. A friend told me, that’s not really a heart attack. He’s probably right, even though it has both the words ‘heart’ and ‘attack’ in the definition.”

    Full of over-exaggerated drama, the first single ‘Coyote’ off their upcoming album is out now, head along to some shows, buy some merch, and hear a whole bunch of new songs.

    Fri July 16 – Bunbury, Prince of Wales – w/ Greenthief, and the Keeblers

    Thurs July 28 – Scarborough, El Grotto – w/ High Horse, and Bats

    Sat July 30 – Albany, White Star Hotel – w/ Nepenthe

    Sat Aug 13 – Northbridge, RTRFM 2016 Radiothon Party

    Thurs Aug 18 – Mt Lawley, Beaufort St Songwriters Club – Mark Solo

    COYOTE is out now on Blue Grey Pink

  • Michael Strong New Single THE HEDONIC TREADMILL



    The Hedonic Treadmill is Goddamn visceral. Blurring the lines between IDM, industrial and pop. What the fuck did I just listen to?

    Michael Strong has been making records for more than a decade now. The frontman of alt rockers The Disappointed and an award winning folk songwriter, but upcoming album ‘Amalthea’ is a complete re-invention - pop, industrial and IDM mashed into something indefinable.

    Out Wednesday June 8 on Blue Grey Pink



  • ...

    MICHAEL STRONG launches new single with NSFW digital photo exhibition



    MICHAEL STRONG - The Final Age Of Men


    I came from Amalthea to witness the final age of men.

    I needed a body, that was about all he had. The other humans knew him as Michael Strong, a failed musician and a brain riddled with wormholes and anomalies. When I found him, he was depressed, anxious, worthless. I came on as an infection, but I was the cure.

    Earlier arrivals from Amalthea include the ones known as Prince, Aphex Twin, Bjork and Yeezy. At times the humans have intercepted our transmissions home and perversely consider them some kind of strange art form.

    My first short form transmission will be sent on human calendar date 24/03/16 through transmitter Blue Grey Pink. Long form transmissions will begin during the second half of the current solar cycle.


    The Disappointed frontman dramatically abandons the folk stylings of his first two solo albums and reveals his new single 'The Final Age Of Men'. Launched digitally with a NSFW photo exhibition, this is the first taste of his upcoming electronic experimental album.

    Out now on Blue Grey Pink