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  • ODLAW release song about bread called SEMI-POLENTA and head on a little tour


    ODLAW write indie post-emo suburban Folk tinged rock songs. After releasing an EP called “Soup Herb” in 2016, and their debut album “Regret City” in 2017, the evolving outfit have channelled the leftover good feelings into a catchy little song about Sunday morning (or Tuesday depending on your line of work).

    To celebrate the launch of new music, lead songwriter and grey haired weirdo Mark Neal, heads on a solo tour around his old neighbourhoods. A rare opportunity to see some intimate moments of reminiscing on past mistakes, spread between tales of childish adventures, and a handful of tears. Plus a special full band city show in August.

    Recorded and produced by Michael Strong at Brainiac studios, SEMI POLENTA is out now on BLUE GREY PINK.

    July 20 – Freehand Winery, Denmark (solo)

    July 22 – Six Degrees, Albany (solo)

    August 4 – The Sewing Room, Perth (with band)

    August 15 - Clancy’s, Canning Bridge (solo)

  • ODLAW announce debut Album release and national tour dates


    “Full of frenetic energy. Nice work” Dom Alessio, Triple J
    “It's a straight-up balltearer” Sonic Masala
    “very nice indeed” Caitlin Nienaber, RTRfm

    Odlaw is 5 piece rock band from Perth, Western Australia, fronted by me, Mark Neal. I’m your friendly music obsessed industry shithead. I’ve spent most of my life floating between other bands with better songwriters and found myself somewhere on the outskirts of the music industry being the frontman in a band that are too good for me.

    Like a dark cloud formation slowly moving over your friendly family picnic, Regret City sets in and drowns out any thought of happiness. I regret everything.. seriously fucking everything.. all the good stuff I’ve done, all the bad stuff I’ve done, all the shit I did and didn’t say. It all eats at me on a regular basis. More recently I found being busy is a great distraction, and when that doesn’t work writing songs about my irritations seems too.

    That’s what this album is. 12 tracks of me trying to help myself with support from a bunch of fucking legends. Maybe that’s what life is? Fuck life! I already regret this press release.

    May 25 – Frankie’s Pizza, Sydney
    May 26 – The Retreat, Melbourne
    May 27 – The Metro, Adelaide
    June 9 – Prince of Wales, Bunbury
    June 10 – Badlands, Perth

  • The Disappointed drop EP #3


    announce the release of their third EP titled DISAPPEAR

    Disappear, the third EP from The Disappointed, finds the band pushing the edges of themselves outwards. Visceral and ambitious, veering wildly between the darkest depths and the warmest embraces, viciously slamming deep depression against unflinching love and pulling no punches on either side. Disappear is a spinning and complex EP - they threw everything at it, myriad ideas jostling for space and attention - multiple listens yield many rewards but it’s likely to leave you Jaded and unsettled.

    The Disappointed have passed the 5 year mark. We’ve hit that wall that undoes so many bands, stared at the abyss and contemplated, even longed for, it’s heavy nothingness. We’ve come through it with a better understanding of who we are and why we keep doing this, despite the brutal hopelessness of it all. We’re in for each other, and we’re in it for the songs. That’s it. We’re in it because there’s something magic between us now. There’s a certain chemistry that can only come sharing these heart aches. We are brothers and life’s weight cannot pull us apart.

    THE DISAPPOINTED celebrate the launch of DISAPPEAR on Saturday March 3 at Jack Rabbit Slims, Northbridge.

    Saturday March 3 – Jack Rabbit Slims, Northbridge
    With: Salary and Yaqui Yeti
    Presale Tix -

  • Michael Strong drops new single 'The First Dream'


    An elegant and ambitious IDM dream and an early preview of upcoming album Neurotica. The First Dream breathes and swells and wraps itself around your body.

    Michael Strong pulls out a lightning quick follow up to 2016’s RTR feature album Amalthea (“it’s no stroll in the park” - RTR).

    Catch Strong's ambitious and unsettling live show this February.

    Saturday February 11 @ The Odd Fellow, Fremantle
    With: Salary + Lana + more to be announced 


  • CUBS join the BGP roster to release their debut EP



    Perth band, Cubs alternate between songs that feel like warm embraces soaked in pumpkin soup, to ditties about lovelorn moments that sick to your shoe like chewing gum. With catchy guitar hooks, heartfelt vocals and sweet harmonies, Cubs are a must see.

    Since forming in late 2015, Cubs have played a range of festivals including Nannup Music festival, HyperFest, WAM festival, Beauvine and Mount Hawthorn Streets and Laneways Festival.

    In late 2016 they recorded their debut ep 'Stars" at Blackbird studio with Dave Parkin. 'Stars' is set to be unleashed onto the world in March 2017.

    Listen to IS THIS LOVE out now Blue Grey Pink.