ODLAW release song about bread called SEMI-POLENTA and head on a little tour July 1, 2018 22:26

ODLAW write indie post-emo suburban Folk tinged rock songs. After releasing an EP called “Soup Herb” in 2016, and their debut album “Regret City” in 2017, the evolving outfit have channelled the leftover good feelings into a catchy little song about Sunday morning (or Tuesday depending on your line of work).

To celebrate the launch of new music, lead songwriter and grey haired weirdo Mark Neal, heads on a solo tour around his old neighbourhoods. A rare opportunity to see some intimate moments of reminiscing on past mistakes, spread between tales of childish adventures, and a handful of tears. Plus a special full band city show in August.

Recorded and produced by Michael Strong at Brainiac studios, SEMI POLENTA is out now on BLUE GREY PINK.

July 20 – Freehand Winery, Denmark (solo)

July 22 – Six Degrees, Albany (solo)

August 4 – The Sewing Room, Perth (with band)

August 15 - Clancy’s, Canning Bridge (solo)

ODLAW announce debut Album release and national tour dates April 19, 2017 17:11

“Full of frenetic energy. Nice work” Dom Alessio, Triple J
“It's a straight-up balltearer” Sonic Masala
“very nice indeed” Caitlin Nienaber, RTRfm

Odlaw is 5 piece rock band from Perth, Western Australia, fronted by me, Mark Neal. I’m your friendly music obsessed industry shithead. I’ve spent most of my life floating between other bands with better songwriters and found myself somewhere on the outskirts of the music industry being the frontman in a band that are too good for me.

Like a dark cloud formation slowly moving over your friendly family picnic, Regret City sets in and drowns out any thought of happiness. I regret everything.. seriously fucking everything.. all the good stuff I’ve done, all the bad stuff I’ve done, all the shit I did and didn’t say. It all eats at me on a regular basis. More recently I found being busy is a great distraction, and when that doesn’t work writing songs about my irritations seems too.

That’s what this album is. 12 tracks of me trying to help myself with support from a bunch of fucking legends. Maybe that’s what life is? Fuck life! I already regret this press release.

May 25 – Frankie’s Pizza, Sydney
May 26 – The Retreat, Melbourne
May 27 – The Metro, Adelaide
June 9 – Prince of Wales, Bunbury
June 10 – Badlands, Perth

The Disappointed drop EP #3 February 7, 2017 17:21

announce the release of their third EP titled DISAPPEAR

Disappear, the third EP from The Disappointed, finds the band pushing the edges of themselves outwards. Visceral and ambitious, veering wildly between the darkest depths and the warmest embraces, viciously slamming deep depression against unflinching love and pulling no punches on either side. Disappear is a spinning and complex EP - they threw everything at it, myriad ideas jostling for space and attention - multiple listens yield many rewards but it’s likely to leave you Jaded and unsettled.

The Disappointed have passed the 5 year mark. We’ve hit that wall that undoes so many bands, stared at the abyss and contemplated, even longed for, it’s heavy nothingness. We’ve come through it with a better understanding of who we are and why we keep doing this, despite the brutal hopelessness of it all. We’re in for each other, and we’re in it for the songs. That’s it. We’re in it because there’s something magic between us now. There’s a certain chemistry that can only come sharing these heart aches. We are brothers and life’s weight cannot pull us apart.

THE DISAPPOINTED celebrate the launch of DISAPPEAR on Saturday March 3 at Jack Rabbit Slims, Northbridge.

Saturday March 3 – Jack Rabbit Slims, Northbridge
With: Salary and Yaqui Yeti
Presale Tix -

Michael Strong drops new single 'The First Dream' January 27, 2017 11:53

An elegant and ambitious IDM dream and an early preview of upcoming album Neurotica. The First Dream breathes and swells and wraps itself around your body.

Michael Strong pulls out a lightning quick follow up to 2016’s RTR feature album Amalthea (“it’s no stroll in the park” - RTR).

Catch Strong's ambitious and unsettling live show this February.

Saturday February 11 @ The Odd Fellow, Fremantle
With: Salary + Lana + more to be announced 


CUBS join the BGP roster to release their debut EP January 27, 2017 11:25


Perth band, Cubs alternate between songs that feel like warm embraces soaked in pumpkin soup, to ditties about lovelorn moments that sick to your shoe like chewing gum. With catchy guitar hooks, heartfelt vocals and sweet harmonies, Cubs are a must see.

Since forming in late 2015, Cubs have played a range of festivals including Nannup Music festival, HyperFest, WAM festival, Beauvine and Mount Hawthorn Streets and Laneways Festival.

In late 2016 they recorded their debut ep 'Stars" at Blackbird studio with Dave Parkin. 'Stars' is set to be unleashed onto the world in March 2017.

Listen to IS THIS LOVE out now Blue Grey Pink.


NORTH FREO PUB CRAWL December 16, 2016 10:16

Blue Grey Pink and Sweetmate music present:

– 6pm to late
The Railway Hotel & The Swan Hotel

and more to be announced

The annual North Freo Pub Crawl returns this January for another 5-stage monster featuring over 20 acts across the Railway Hotel and Swan Hotel. One ticket gets you access to both sides of Tydeman Road, with The Love Junkies returning from their six-month hiatus to resume the Pub Crawl headline slot they’ve filled each January for the three years prior. They’ll be joined by returning NFPC warriors Hideous Sun Demon, Pat Chow, RAG N' BONE, King of the Travellers, Hip Priest and Indigo, plus first appearances at the festival from fierce Victorian rockers Heads of Charm along with local heroes Dream Rimmy, Childsaint, The Atlas Mountains, Ralway Bell, The Little Lord Street Band, Human Buoy, Brassika (formerly Ensemble Formidable), Mung Dahl, Big Orange, Bells Rapids, BOAT SHOW and Treestump Almighty, plus there’s more to still be announced.

It’s all happening Saturday, January 21 from 6pm – tickets on sale now from

DISAPPOINTEDFEST December 16, 2016 10:03

The Disappointed's self indulgent mini festival returns for its second year

Friday January 6 – 8pm to midnight
AMPLIFIER bar Perth - Tix on the door
8 bands – 2 stages


Come party away all your failures and sadnesses with The Disappointed, Simone & Girlfunkle, Joel Barker & The Low Company, The Limbs, Furniture, Cubs, Ryan Beno and Strange Folie. They will all be disappointing the hell out of you this January at the inaugural Disappointed Fest at Amplifier Bar! A double stage mini fest that will hit you like a long sigh on a scorching Perth day. We’ll toast to the end of the world while algorithms make our jobs obsolete and the climate tries to fever cook us out of existence like the bacterial infection that we are. Also, drinking! 

Disappointed Fest at Amplifier. Let’s ride out this slow apocalypse together at Perth’s least disappointing venue.

Beaufort St Songwriters Club at Beauvine October 13, 2016 14:45

Mt Lawley musical institution The Beaufort St Songwriters’ Club will be joining in the festivities at the second Beauvine Festival on October 21-23 weekend.

Founded January 2015, The Beaufort St Songwriters’ Club is a regular showcase of Perth musical talent, providing an avenue for local songmiths every Thursday night at Defector’s Bar, upstairs from the iconic Flying Scotsman Hotel. The Club has steadily grown in popularity, becoming one of Perth’s premiere original music nights.

Now, the Club is proud to once again be joining forces with Beauvine Festival to bring an impressive roster of musicians to serenade them as they indulge in all the food and wine the event has to offer.

Beauvine Festival takes place at Birdwood Square on Beaufort St, Mt Lawley, this October 21,22, and 23, and will see different Songwriters’ Club alumni on hand to entertain at the Beaufort St Songwriters Club Stage

Tickets available via -

Beaufort St Songwriters Club Stage:
Timothy Nelson
Stella Donnelly
Steve Hensby
The Wildlings
The Little Lord St Band Duo
Mossy Fogg
Choking Stanley
Petulant Clark
Belle Harvey
Luke Dux

ODLAW release new single CHUMPS October 13, 2016 09:03

CHUMPS is the second single from Odlaw’s upcoming debut album Regret-City. due out in early 2017.

CHUMPS was written after the 2015 WAM Festival and conference, so it only seems fitting that they would launch it during the 2016 WAM Festival. Songwriter Mark Neal keeps himself busy, between acting as manager for other bands, booking gigs, working on various events, and doing radio on RTRFM. These opportunities have earnt him an interesting perspective into the background discussions surrounding an event like WAM Festival.

CHUMPS was written about a discussion respected members of the music community were having about a particular individual who falls into a category referred to as ‘punishers’. A ‘punisher’ is someone who is annoying as all fuck, and often the artist he represents is terrible or irrelevant. In particular this ‘punisher’ was so annoying he causes major labels and industry leaders to vacate a venue, which in turn could mean a hard working band/artist misses out on a well-deserved opportunity because there's no important industry people watching them play.

If you don’t know a ‘punisher’ then you could be a ‘punisher’.

CHUMPS is about a certain ‘punisher’ that was discussed in great detail at WAM Festival last year. “I can’t remember his name, I’ve never met him, but I hear he kinda sucks.” Mark recants “oblivious is selfish is a direct quote from a festival director about this person”  Mark asked if he hated him, he replied with “I don’t hate him, he’s just oblivious, and that’s selfish” Mark also thinks this person was referred to as “A Piece of shit” later in the evening.

ODLAW celebrate the launch of CHUMPS on Friday November 4 at Jimmy’s Den, Northbridge. Teaming up with Sail On! Sail On! And Spilt Cities for a three way launch party.

SINGLE LAUNCH - WAMFest Friday Showcase
Friday November 4 - Jimmy’s Den, Northbridge
With: Sail On! Sail On!, Spilt Cities, and Wooly Mammoth
BUY TICKETS HERE - Free entry for WAMCon delegates

Wednesday November 9 - Clancy's Fish Pub, Canning Bridge
Wednesday Songwriter night. With: Jon Stapleton

Thursday November 10 - Beaufort St Songwriters Club
at Defectors Bar, Mt Lawley. With: Shaun (Spilt Cities), Dawn Barrington, and more

Friday November 11 - Prince of Wales Hotel, Bunbury
With: Spilt Cities, and Sail On! Sail On!

The “I SURVIVED A HEART ATTACK, MAYBE” tour July 12, 2016 16:36

ODLAW head out on run of WA dates throughout July and August

 “Full of frenetic energy. Nice work” Dom Alessio, Triple J

“It's a straight-up balltearer” Sonic Masala

“very nice indeed” Caitlin Nienaber, RTRfm

Fresh off playing a run of shows supporting their 2015 debut EP ‘Soup Herb’, featuring on the 2015 Kiss my WAMi compilation, and playing at events like HyperFest, Kickstart Festival, and Hair of the Dog fest, Perth indie-rock four piece ODLAW hit the studio with legendary producer Dave Parkin (Tired Lion, Emperors, The Love Junkies)

In March Odlaw launched the first single off their upcoming album ‘Regret City’. Shortly after, they returned to the studio to record a few more tracks, and start piecing the album together. Amidst debates over track order, guitarist and vocalist Mark Neal was admitted to hospital with a heart attack.

“it didn’t really hurt, it just felt weird. It felt like, what a heart attack looks like in the movies, there was a weight on my chest and my left arm went numb”

“the nurses were getting ready to let me go after a couple of hours in the ER, when a test result came back positive. A few hours later I’m being woken up at 4am and someone’s telling me I had a heart attack. They let me go three days later, the doctors said a virus had attacked my heart. A friend told me, that’s not really a heart attack. He’s probably right, even though it has both the words ‘heart’ and ‘attack’ in the definition.”

Full of over-exaggerated drama, the first single ‘Coyote’ off their upcoming album is out now, head along to some shows, buy some merch, and hear a whole bunch of new songs.

Fri July 16 – Bunbury, Prince of Wales – w/ Greenthief, and the Keeblers

Thurs July 28 – Scarborough, El Grotto – w/ High Horse, and Bats

Sat July 30 – Albany, White Star Hotel – w/ Nepenthe

Sat Aug 13 – Northbridge, RTRFM 2016 Radiothon Party

Thurs Aug 18 – Mt Lawley, Beaufort St Songwriters Club – Mark Solo

COYOTE is out now on Blue Grey Pink

Michael Strong New Single THE HEDONIC TREADMILL June 8, 2016 07:54


The Hedonic Treadmill is Goddamn visceral. Blurring the lines between IDM, industrial and pop. What the fuck did I just listen to?

Michael Strong has been making records for more than a decade now. The frontman of alt rockers The Disappointed and an award winning folk songwriter, but upcoming album ‘Amalthea’ is a complete re-invention - pop, industrial and IDM mashed into something indefinable.

Out Wednesday June 8 on Blue Grey Pink



MICHAEL STRONG launches new single with NSFW digital photo exhibition March 24, 2016 14:54


MICHAEL STRONG - The Final Age Of Men


I came from Amalthea to witness the final age of men.

I needed a body, that was about all he had. The other humans knew him as Michael Strong, a failed musician and a brain riddled with wormholes and anomalies. When I found him, he was depressed, anxious, worthless. I came on as an infection, but I was the cure.

Earlier arrivals from Amalthea include the ones known as Prince, Aphex Twin, Bjork and Yeezy. At times the humans have intercepted our transmissions home and perversely consider them some kind of strange art form.

My first short form transmission will be sent on human calendar date 24/03/16 through transmitter Blue Grey Pink. Long form transmissions will begin during the second half of the current solar cycle.


The Disappointed frontman dramatically abandons the folk stylings of his first two solo albums and reveals his new single 'The Final Age Of Men'. Launched digitally with a NSFW photo exhibition, this is the first taste of his upcoming electronic experimental album.

Out now on Blue Grey Pink

ODLAW unveil new single COYOTE February 11, 2016 18:14

COYOTE is a song written by ODLAW. The first single off our debut album ‘Regret-City’ due out later in 2016

After the departure of a founding member, the remaining founding member, Mark Neal (that’s me, I’m writing this) was faced with a gap that could only be filled with another guitarist. Neal, alongside drummer Dane Knowles, and Bassist Nicole Clissa, enlisted the handsome David Jago (formerly Mezzanine) to fill the void and help Odlaw steer itself into a slightly more punk rock kinda vibe.

“Odlaw was a fun side project for me” Mark Neal stated (I’m quoting myself). “I didn’t think it had much potential to start with, singing and fronting a band was something I really wanted to do, but was always kinda scared of. I’m pretty good at hiding behind another songwriter and doing the industry stuff. So losing someone who also sang and wrote songs in Odlaw, meant I had to face the fact that I was the frontman, that I was steering this project.

“Nicole and Dane who have been part of Odlaw a while, already knew I was the lead songwriter, but I was in denial about the whole thing. It’s hard being on the business end and the creative end of a band, it’s easy to dabble in both, but being in charge of both is a lot of pressure. You got no one else to blame if this all goes pear shaped”

“for example, a better manager would (hopefully) tell me to get someone else to write this press release. Someone who knows how to use spellcheck and the English language”

“Coyote is about that. Not the press release bit, the other stuff”

Odlaw launch Coyote at four5nine bar on Friday March 11 with help from THE DAMN SPIRITS, TEIJ, and LIONIZER

Stream and download Coyote here

COYOTE single launch - FRIDAY MARCH 11
Four5nine, North Perth – w/ The Damn Spirits, Teij, & Lionizer

Coyote is out now on BLUE GREY PINK

North Freo Pub Crawl 2016 January 11, 2016 10:44

The fourth edition of the North Freo Pub Crawl is happening both sides of Tydeman Road again on Saturday, January 30. 25 acts will dominate 5 stages across the Railway and Swan Hotels, with the old girls hosting some of Perth finest for one of the biggest local shows of the year.

The Love Junkies return to headline this the years event. Having closed proceedings all both previous January Pub Crawls, they’ve effectively taken ownership of said slot and we couldn’t be happier about the potential of them never NOT doing it! The Junkies have got a big 2016 ahead with a new single in Feb and US touring in March and April (and that’s just for starters)so this is the perfect way for them to kick it off.

Joining the grunge rock favourites are many of WA’s finest including Hideous Sun Demon, Scalphunter, Pat Chow, Usurper Of Modern Medicine and David Craft, along with current triple j faves Verge Collection and Melbourne rockers The Naysayers. Plus there’s food courtesy of the all new Vedder’s Café at both venues.

Check out the full lineup below!

Doors open 6pm, and tickets are ONLY $15 + BF available from – that’s right, $15 + BF for 25 acts!

The Love Junkies // Hideous Sun Demon // Scalphunter // Pat Chow // Usurper of Modern Medicine // David Craft // Rag N Bone // The Ghost Hotel // Verge Collection // Custom Royal // The Naysayers (VIC) // The Disappointed // Moana // Kitchen People // High Horse // Shimmergloom // Jeff's Dead // Pool Boy // Steve Hensby Band // Hip Priest // Sidewalk Diamonds (solo) // AJ Wigwams // Racoo Charles and the Moke Folk // Stuart Orchard // Pro Amateur



Disappointed Fest December 9, 2015 08:30

Come party away all your failures and sadness’s with The Disappointed, Lionizer, The Caballeros, The Shops, Sail On Sail On, Yaqui Yeti, Sully and Girl York. They will all be disappointing the hell out of you this January at the inaugural Disappointed Fest at Amplifier Bar! A double stage mini fest that will hit you like a long sigh on a scorching Perth day. We’ll toast to the end of the world while algorithms make our jobs obsolete and the climate tries to fever cook us out of existence like the bacterial infection that we are. Also, drinking!

Disappointed Fest at Amplifier. Let’s ride out this slow apocalypse together at Perth’s favourite venue.



Saturday January 9


The Disappointed, The Caballeros, Lionizer, The Shops, Sully, Girl York, Yaqui Yeti, & Sail On! Sail On!


HAIR OF THE DOG FEST December 2, 2015 16:23

Blue Grey Pink and the Swan Hotel present an end of weekend party like no other. Load, raucous, and all up in your grill, HAIR OF THE DOG FEST brings together some of WA’s finest rock/punk/heavy/noise/whatever into a 3 stage mini-festival all arvo event.

16 bands – 3 stages – cheap entry – sweet digs

Featuring: Sail On! Sail On!, Kastiell, Slick Monks, Mung Dahl, Odlaw, The Shops, Furniture, A New Agenda, The Keeblers, Devil In Miss Jones, Treehouses, Enemy Minds, Lina Sleeps, Zyklus, Agamous Betty and the gothic Circus, and Magic Chicken Fudgetoe.


Across 3 stage’s at the SWAN HOTEL, Fremantle


From 1 till 8pm

$15 Pre-sale + Booking Fee - $20 on the door


Get it in ya!


BSSC at Beaufort St Festival November 21, 2015 16:23

Sat Nov 14 the Beaufort St Songwriters Club hosted a busking stage at the Beaufort St Festival. The street festival attracts over 160,000 people to its annual event. We were set up at the end of Vincent St, braving the weather from midday till 8pm with a selection of the finest songwriters who have performed at our weekly event.

Big thanks to JumpClimb, The Event Agency, The Flying Scotsman, Defectors Bar, Laith Tyranny, and anyone who threw some change into the buskers guitar case.

Delilah Rose & the Gunslingers, Benny Mayhem, Agamous Betty, Hank, Mossy Fogg, James Redman, The Naked News, Beau Torrance (Della Fern), and Sydnee Carter, played in sweltering heat, braved Thunderstorms, and light showers to bring music to peoples ears. Huge thanks to them for being part of it.

I look forward to the possibility of doing it again next year

Blue Grey Pink acts at WAM Festival this weekend November 2, 2015 11:47

WAM festival hits Perth this weekend and Blue Grey Pink will be out and about amongst the festivities. With half our roster taking part in the conference, showcasing at the festival, and featuring on the Kiss my WAMi Compilation, this is a big first year for Blue Grey Pink.
SIDEWALK DIAMONDS unveil some incredible new tunes at their Showcase as part of the Saturday Spectacular, fresh of the launch of their sophomore EP "The Postcard Collection" catch them at the UNIVERSAL BAR at 3.50pm

GIRL YORK launched their debut EP in March this year, and have been hiding away working on their debut Album, they've almost put the finishing touches on their masterpiece and will be showing off their new tunes at the Saturday Spectacular. catch them at the UNIVERSAL BAR at 3.00pm

LATE NIGHT HYSTERICS play their debut WAM Festival show as part of the huge Friday night showcase extravaganza happening at every venue in town, joined by an army of local talent, they'll be showing off tunes from their upcoming debut EP. catch them at the ROSEMOUNT at 7.50pm

and ODLAW have both scored tracks on this years KISS MY WAMi compilation. pick up a copy at this years festival


SIDEWALK DIAMONDS - Saturday Spectacular
Universal Bar - 3.50pm

GIRL YORK - Saturday Spectacular
Universal Bar - 3pm

LATE NIGHT HYSTERICS - Friday Night Showcase
Rosemount Hotel - 6.50pm

Check out the BLUE GREY PINK WAM FEST soundcloud playlist. get familiar with some of the incredible acts on our roster ahead of this weekends event.


Beaufort St Songwriters Club heads to Beauvine October 22, 2015 12:00

Mt Lawley musical institution The Beaufort St Songwriters’ Club will be joining in with the merriment at the inaugural Beauvine Festival this weekend.

 Founded by musician and promoter Mark Neal in January 2015, The Beaufort St Songwriters’ Club is a regular showcase of Perth musical talent, providing an avenue for local songmiths every Thursday night at Defector’s Bar, upstairs from the iconic Flying Scotsman Hotel. The Club has steadily grown in popularity, becoming one of Perth’s premiere original music nights.

Now, the Club is proud to be joining forces with Beauvine Festival to bring festival-goers an impressive roster of musicians to serenade them as they indulge in the culinary treats on offer.

Beauvine Festival takes place at Birdwood Square, Highgate, this Friday, October 23, Saturday, October 24, and Sunday, October 25, and every day will see different Songwriters’ Club alumni on hand to entertain.


Helen Shanahan                   Telstra Road To Discovery winner
Davey Craddock                   Alt-country frontman of Davey Craddock &The Spectacles
Little Lord Street Band      James Rogers and Natasha Shanks perform a stripped down set

Hank                                       Folk, rock and soul
Mossy Fogg                           Genre-mashing blues/funk/rock/reggae rap solo set
Tashi                                       Upbeat Fremantle alt-pop

Luke Dux                               Perth’s most acclaimed guitarist
Steve Hensby                       Veteran musician
Cubs                                       Suburban folk/country duo

Damien Goerke                    Solo set from the Sidewalk Diamonds frontman
Natasha Shanks                    One quarter of Little Lord Street Band
Choking Stanley                   Laid back blues/funk vibes

For more information on the Beauvine festival, head to

The Disappointed launch new single FIND A ROPE October 2, 2015 11:26


We’re waiting out the last screaming relics of capitalism in style, pumping out thumping singles and trying to convince ourselves we matter. A couple of tracks from the last EP copped noms for WA rock track of the year but we woke up with nothing more than hangovers and weird feelings. Maybe we can afford to go on tour again, maybe radio will play us again, we’ll see.

Find A Rope finds The Disappointed heavier than ever, smothered in that self aware self loathing that suffocates a generation of dirt poor entrepreneurs. Lifted from Disappear, the five piece’s intense upcoming third EP, you might hear some Faith No More and Modest Mouse in there.

The Disappointed launched FIND A ROPE on Saturday September 19 at  THE BOSTON, Northbridge with special guests: Rag n’ Bone, Celery, and Ursula

Watch the FIND A ROPE music video here

FIND A ROPE is out now through Blue Grey Pink

Sidewalk Diamonds Launch new EP August 1, 2015 15:19


Sidewalk Diamonds are an Australian-Indie-Rock four piece from Perth who wouldn’t be offended if you compared them to The Triffids or The National. Formed in 2008 but truly realised in their upcoming release, The Postcard Collection EP. 

Frontman Damien Goerke’s lyrics are as important as the melodies he puts them to, where Anthony Pugliese’s guitar lines set them up to be knocked out of the backyard by the always reliable rhythm section of James Luscombe on drums and bassist, Ed Smith. Damien writes in a similar vein to Courtney Barnett, if she was working a 9-5 job and was a grumpy old man stuck in a twenty-something body. His heart has him concerned about the questions, lack of answers, and excuses we come up with for anything and everything life serves us. 

Yes, they’re aware they’re from an isolated city, but their music will make you feel anything but.

Since December 2013, Sidewalk Diamonds have been sporadically releasing a small handful of singles as part of what they’re calling The Postcard Collection. Each single comes with its own limited edition, hand numbered postcard, with artwork and design by frontman Damien Goerke. The time has come to release the fourth and final single, along with all four together as a limited edition EP.

Spoilt For Choice is the name of the final single and the band has saved the best for last; three and a half minutes of sardonic indie power-pop, all about only having mere creativity at hand and not something important, like a university degree or lots of money, or direction in life. 

“It's a song for anybody who holds creativity close to their heart, who needs it to keep their heart beating, but who also worry that maybe, deep down, they're actually full of shit. It's for anybody that has no idea what they're doing and have only found themselves caught up in the expectations that the rest of the world has of them, when in reality, the world couldn't care less.”  - Damien Goerke

The single features Bridget Turner of Simone & Girlfunkle on backing vocals, along with Stephanie McGann who sang on the band's first EP.

The band is launching the single and The Postcard Collection EP at a brand new Perth venue, The Boston, on Friday August 21 with HusbandDella Fern, and Simone & Girlfunkle (trio)  in tow as support.

The Boston, Northbridge - Friday August 21 - with special guests; Husband, Della Fern, and Simone and Girlfunkle (trio)