BSSC at Beaufort St Festival

Sat Nov 14 the Beaufort St Songwriters Club hosted a busking stage at the Beaufort St Festival. The street festival attracts over 160,000 people to its annual event. We were set up at the end of Vincent St, braving the weather from midday till 8pm with a selection of the finest songwriters who have performed at our weekly event.

Big thanks to JumpClimb, The Event Agency, The Flying Scotsman, Defectors Bar, Laith Tyranny, and anyone who threw some change into the buskers guitar case.

Delilah Rose & the Gunslingers, Benny Mayhem, Agamous Betty, Hank, Mossy Fogg, James Redman, The Naked News, Beau Torrance (Della Fern), and Sydnee Carter, played in sweltering heat, braved Thunderstorms, and light showers to bring music to peoples ears. Huge thanks to them for being part of it.

I look forward to the possibility of doing it again next year