ODLAW release new single CHUMPS

CHUMPS is the second single from Odlaw’s upcoming debut album Regret-City. due out in early 2017.

CHUMPS was written after the 2015 WAM Festival and conference, so it only seems fitting that they would launch it during the 2016 WAM Festival. Songwriter Mark Neal keeps himself busy, between acting as manager for other bands, booking gigs, working on various events, and doing radio on RTRFM. These opportunities have earnt him an interesting perspective into the background discussions surrounding an event like WAM Festival.

CHUMPS was written about a discussion respected members of the music community were having about a particular individual who falls into a category referred to as ‘punishers’. A ‘punisher’ is someone who is annoying as all fuck, and often the artist he represents is terrible or irrelevant. In particular this ‘punisher’ was so annoying he causes major labels and industry leaders to vacate a venue, which in turn could mean a hard working band/artist misses out on a well-deserved opportunity because there's no important industry people watching them play.

If you don’t know a ‘punisher’ then you could be a ‘punisher’.

CHUMPS is about a certain ‘punisher’ that was discussed in great detail at WAM Festival last year. “I can’t remember his name, I’ve never met him, but I hear he kinda sucks.” Mark recants “oblivious is selfish is a direct quote from a festival director about this person”  Mark asked if he hated him, he replied with “I don’t hate him, he’s just oblivious, and that’s selfish” Mark also thinks this person was referred to as “A Piece of shit” later in the evening.

ODLAW celebrate the launch of CHUMPS on Friday November 4 at Jimmy’s Den, Northbridge. Teaming up with Sail On! Sail On! And Spilt Cities for a three way launch party.

SINGLE LAUNCH - WAMFest Friday Showcase
Friday November 4 - Jimmy’s Den, Northbridge
With: Sail On! Sail On!, Spilt Cities, and Wooly Mammoth
BUY TICKETS HERE - Free entry for WAMCon delegates

Wednesday November 9 - Clancy's Fish Pub, Canning Bridge
Wednesday Songwriter night. With: Jon Stapleton

Thursday November 10 - Beaufort St Songwriters Club
at Defectors Bar, Mt Lawley. With: Shaun (Spilt Cities), Dawn Barrington, and more

Friday November 11 - Prince of Wales Hotel, Bunbury
With: Spilt Cities, and Sail On! Sail On!