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Blue Grey Pink is the brainchild of Perth music stalwart Mark Neal.

Mark Neal paid his dues managing Minute 36 from his hometown Albany. He has been booking the Swan Hotel for the past 2 years, managing and playing guitar for The Disappointed, managing and fronting Odlaw, with countless solo sets wedged in between.

He has worked at The Music, X-Press, and contributes at RTRFM. His hustle is unmatched. Mark lives and breathes Perth and the music industry. Known and liked by pretty much everyone, Mark is quickly becoming known for his mind blowing work ethic and his gorgeous prematurely grey hair.

Blue Grey Pink

  • Management and Bookings:
    The Disappointed, Odlaw, Girl York, and Late Night Hysterics.
  • Bookings:
    Sidewalk Diamonds, Archer & Light, the Swan Hotel, and The Beaufort St Songwriters Club.

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