Blue Grey Pink Events

Recent tours and events

The “I Survived A Heart Attack, Maybe” Tour July/August 2016

Odlaw, celebrate their singer's mild heart attack thing with some regional shows and a spot at the prestigious RTR-Fm Radiothon Party

Disappointed-Fest January 2016

The Disappointed put on a 2 stage mini-festival type event, bringing together a whole bunch of friends and putting on a show at Perth’s Amplifier bar.

Featuring: The Disappointed, Lionizer, The Caballeros, The Shops, Sail On! Sail On!, Yaqui Yeti, Sully and Girl York

Is it an annual event? Maybe! Guess we’ll find out come January 2017

Hair Of The Dog Fest December 2015

An end of weekend party like no other. Load, raucous, and all up in your grill, HAIR OF THE DOG FEST brings together some of WA’s finest rock/punk/heavy/noise/whatever into a 3 stage mini-festival all arvo event.

Featuring: Sail On! Sail On!, Kastiell, Slick Monks, Mung Dahl, Odlaw, The Shops, Furniture, A New Agenda, The Keeblers, Devil In Miss Jones, Treehouses, Enemy Minds, Lina Sleeps, Zyklus, Agamous Betty and the gothic Circus, and Magic Chicken Fudgetoe.